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- Gorindo Meditation Technique - Part 2

- The Responsibility of Being a Martial Artist - Part 2

- Pearls of Gorindo...

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The Responsibility of Being a Martial Artist - Part 2

Claudio Iedwab sequence

Respect for Others

Practicing Gorindo is one way we can move in this positive direction, and it depends on each individual martial artist to help. If we each do what we can to improve our own lives and help others, those smaller parts can make up a great whole.

Respect others for who they are. Our teachers, parents, family, friends, fellow students, neighbors, and strangers all deserve our respect even when we don’t agree with or understand their point of view. We want others to respect us, too, even if we have different opinions about things.

Respect your parents or guardians for what they have done for you. Remember that they want to protect you and are concerned for your future. If you make the decision to listen and learn what they are trying to teach, you will have more information and help when it comes time to make your own choices. Your family will respect you too when they see that you work hard at your training and that they can come to depend on you to make good decisions. Your friends are important people too. Give them respect and loyalty and be open to new people as well.



What about respecting ourselves? Part of self-respect is knowing who we are and liking what we know. This doesn’t mean liking ourselves so much that we think we are better than others. It doesn’t mean that we think we should have everything that we want. There is a big difference between self-respect and being selfish. A selfish person only thinks about himself and asks the rest of the world, “What can you do for me?” A person with self-respect is comfortable with who she is, what she has, and what she can do. She can also say to the rest of the world, “What can I offer you, what am I able to do to help?”

A martial artist with self-respect stays healthy and avoids injuries. He knows that he can’t eat candy and sugar all the time and still have enough strength and energy to train. He washes his hands so that he can avoid germs. He doesn’t watch too much TV or play so many video games that his brain turns to mush.

With self-respect you learn to listen to your own voice and avoid those who may want you to do something you know is wrong. You also won’t listen to those who want you to be unhealthy or make you feel bad about yourself. You know that you are special but that you have lots to improve. You can laugh at your own mistakes and be proud of things you do well. Most importantly you don’t have to make someone else feel bad so that you can feel good. You have learned that when you help someone else feel good about themselves, then you both feel better. You become a better person by being positive and looking for the good things in others.

Excerpt from “The Peaceful Way - A Children's Guide to the Traditions of the Martial Arts” by Claudio Iedwab & Roxanne Standefer

Photo by ©2012 Roxanne Standefer




- Gorindo Meditation Technique - Part 2

- The Responsibility of Being a Martial Artist - Part 2

- Pearls of Gorindo...


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