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- Gorindo Meditation Technique - Part 2

- The Responsibility of Being a Martial Artist - Part 2

- Pearls of Gorindo...

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Gorindo Meditation Technique - Part 2

Claudio Iedwab meditating in the dojo


Once students can accomplish the preceding process effortlessly through time and practice, they can move to a level at which the awareness will focus on the breathing.

Visualize a balloon being filled with air expanding outward from the abdomen as you inhale. Empty the balloon by exhaling in double the length of time it took to inhale. With each breath increase...


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The Responsibility of Being a Martial Artist - Part 2

Claudio Iedwab sequence

Practicing Gorindo is one way we can move in this positive direction, and it depends on each individual martial artist to help. If we each do what we can to improve our own lives and help others, those smaller parts can make up a great whole.


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Pearls of Gorindo...


Pearls of Gorindo by Claudio Iedwab


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