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Silk Thread of Gorindo - July 2011 Preventing Injuries Breathing Exercises Learning Kiai Part 5

The Silk Thread of Gorindo - Ottawa - Canada

Issue 9

- Preventing Injuries

- Gorindo Breathing Exercises

- The Learning Kiai (Part 5)

- Walk Between the Raindrops

Photo cover Claudio Iedwab sensei by the Ottawa River, May 2011, by Roxanne Standefer


Walk Between the Raindrops


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The teacher said, “Two people went for a walk. It was
snowing. One person didn’t get wet. How can this be?”
One student answered, “One person was wearing a
waterproof coat.”

Another student replied, “It was so cold that the snow
stayed frozen on their clothes.”

Another student suggested, “Perhaps one was walking in
the open and another under the shelter of the trees.”

The teacher shook his head and said, “You are all
concentrating on the statement one person didn’t get wet.

So the truth is avoiding you. If I said one person didn’t get
wet, could it not mean the two of them both got wet?

“If we think too much about the words and not what the
words are pointing to, we can be confused and not learn
the truth. After all, snowflakes fall where they should.”


Excerpt from “The Peaceful Way - A Children's Guide to the Traditions of the Martial Arts” by Claudio Iedwab & Roxanne Standefer

Illustration by © Claudio Iedwab



- Martial Arts: Choosing the Right Way

- The Simple Act of Breathing (Part 4)

- The Learning Kiai (Part 4)

- Videos


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