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Silk Thread of Gorindo - July 2011 Preventing Injuries Breathing Exercises Learning Kiai Part 5

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Issue 9

- Preventing Injuries

- Gorindo Breathing Exercises

- The Learning Kiai (Part 5)

- Walk Between the Raindrops

Photo cover Claudio Iedwab sensei by the Ottawa River, May 2011, by Roxanne Standefer


Gorindo Breathing Exercises

Gorindo Breathing Exercise #1


Putting the Ball on the Shelf
Gorindo Breathing Exercise No. 1



Begin in a relaxed, standing position, feet shoulder width apart, and knees loose. Step forward with the right foot into a 'sanchin-dachi' (three-point stance, see page 22). Feel the heels pointing slightly to the outside, pelvis pulled under and tilting up, knees pushing gently (without discomfort) to the inside, creating three points of a stable triangle.

Inhale while raising the hands in front of the solar plexus, keeping elbows tucked in and ensuring the shoulders are down and relaxed. Pause briefly to balance the relaxation and tension. Begin exhaling with a very slight pressure upon the air in the throat with the soft palate and slowly direct the hands upward and away from the body to the level of the face, 'jodan'. Feel the abdomen contract, the shoulders drop, and the pelvis pull underneath at the end of the exhalation. Pause. Maintain that alignment of the body, and bring hands back again to the solar plexus while inhaling.

The next breath is exhaled as you push hands directly forward from and to the solar plexus level, 'chudan'. Bring the hands back again with the inhalation and then exhale, pushing downward and away from the body to the level of the 'hara' (just below the navel), 'gedan'. Retrieve the hands on an inhalation back to the solar plexus and relax, exhaling as the hands drop to the sides.

The second half of the exercise repeats with the other foot forward.


Step forward at the same time as inhaling and raising hands. Step back with exhalation while dropping hands.

More pressure can be used against the closing of the palate.


Casting Petals to the Winds
Gorindo Breathing Exercise No. 2



Stand with feet together, hands palm up, fingertips together in front of you, cradling your 'hara' or 'ki' center just below your navel (a). With a gentle rocking motion, step forward while bringing your hands up the center of your body as you inhale. As your hands pass the level of your face rotate them to a palms up and thumbs up position, then push upward toward the sky in front of you (b). With arms fully extended, begin exhalation as arms describe an extended outside circle to the sides of the body (c). Step backward gently as you complete the circle (d) and return to starting position (e). Repeat alternating forward foot.

Gorindo Breathing Circle

Push and tense with isometric pressure at the closing of the circle as you return hands to center. Try to feel that you are describing a sphere with your body, breath, and mind. Take care that your eyes look forward and upward on the extension but without your head falling back onto the neck. The rocking motion of the step involves walking heel first and then shifting the weight to the ball of the foot as the heel of the trailing foot lifts off the ground. To return, reverse the process. Proceed with the motions without stopping in between.

Breathing Circle Application


This exercise is useful to recover the breath after vigorous activity or being winded. Although taught as a breathing exercise for the student within the Gorindo program, it has a practical self-defense application as well. This technique relies on the breaking strength achieved from the exhalation of air and can be used to defend from a double wrist grab, or in this case, a front choking grab. The defender steps into the opponent, raises hands in front and above, and exhales as hands move in an outward circle, breaking the hold and, if desired, trapping the opponent’s arms under his own as he completes the lower portion of the circular movement.

Excerpt from “The Secret Art of Health & Fitness – Uncovered from the Martial Arts Masters” by Claudio Iedwab & Roxanne Standefer

Illustrations by Claudio Iedwab



- Preventing Injuries

- Gorindo Breathing Exercises

- The Learning Kiai (Part 5)

- Walk Between the Raindrops


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