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Silk Thread of Gorindo - July 2011 Preventing Injuries Breathing Exercises Learning Kiai Part 5

The Silk Thread of Gorindo - Ottawa - Canada

Issue 9

- Preventing Injuries

- Gorindo Breathing Exercises

- The Learning Kiai (Part 5)

- Walk Between the Raindrops

Photo cover Claudio Iedwab sensei by the Ottawa River, May 2011, by Roxanne Standefer


Preventing Injuries

These guidelines are important to follow to keep your exercise program safe, enjoyable and productive.


• Maintain a Positive Attitude.

• Give the best of yourself and be enthusiastic during your practice.

• Don’t participate in the class if you are distracted, although a short period of warm-up and meditation before the class will help you to find your focus.

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Gorindo Breathing Exercises


Putting the Ball on the Shelf
Gorindo Breathing Exercise No. 1



Begin in a relaxed, standing position, feet shoulder width apart, and knees loose. Step forward with the right foot into a 'sanchin-dachi' (three-point stance, see page 22). Feel the heels pointing slightly to the outside, pelvis pulled under and tilting up, knees pushing gently (without discomfort) to the inside, creating three points of a stable triangle.

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The Learning Kiai (Part 5)


Learning How to Learn

Martial art is about learning how to learn, and about getting the most out of your existence in the universe. With this understanding, the student will be able to learn from many sources and distill what is important and useful. This ability to distinguish will improve as the training proceeds and as long as it is kept in balance with nyuanshin, the student will be able to accept more and more of the responsibility for his own progress, and assist the teacher in helping others find their own way.

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Walk Between the Raindrops


The teacher said, “Two people went for a walk. It was
snowing. One person didn’t get wet. How can this be?”
One student answered, “One person was wearing a
waterproof coat.”

Another student replied, “It was so cold that the snow
stayed frozen on their clothes.”

Another student suggested, “Perhaps...

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