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The Silk Thread of Gorindo - Ottawa - Canada

Issue 20

- Positive Thoughts

- Kihon - How to Turn

- Fitness - Cat-Stretch & Climbing the Sky

- Pearls of Gorindo...

Photo cover 'Roxanne Standefer - gedan barai’ ©2012 Photo by Claudio Iedwab



Positive Thoughts


Roxanne Gorindo learningA famous old master of martial arts told his student “There is no try, just do.” What he meant was that you must dedicate your mind to positive thoughts. Even though his student meant well when he said he would try to do something, the teacher felt that that word allowed too much room for the idea of failure to enter his student’s mind...

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Kihon - How to Turn


Gorindo turning

Once we have a good control of stepping forward and backward, then we will be able to learn the change of direction of any walking sequence towards the desired angle. This will allow a greater range of action even with the use of the basic techniques. This is the preparation for acquiring a dimensional notion of space and the fundamentals for a better training of kata (forms)...

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Fitness - Cat-Stretch & Climbing the Sky

Gorindo Cat Stretch

Stance: From a seiza, kneeling position, sit on the heels with the torso vertical.

Action: Bend forward with arms extended in front of you until hands touch the floor. Begin with hands directly under shoulders and knees under hips. Keeping spine and head straight, arms extended, slowly sit back on the heels, feeling the elongation  of the spine. Exhale as you bend...

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Pearls of Gorindo...


Pearls of Gorindo

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