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Silk Thread of Gorindo - December 2011 Choku-zuki Uchi-uke Gedan-barai

The Silk Thread of Gorindo - Ottawa - Canada

Issue 14

- Tools - Hands - Seiken

- Straight Punch - Choku-zuki

- Middle Block In-outside - Uchi-uke

- Downward Block - Gedan-barai

- Pearls of Gorindo...

Photo cover Roxanne Standefer sensei with Louise Bourgeois's Maman, a sculpture of a giant spider outside the National Gallery of Canada's main entrance, Ottawa, Ontario, December 2011. Photo by Claudio Iedwab.


Tools - Hands - Seiken



To form a correct fist is simple but there are some important details to observe and maintain in order to prevent injury.

Hold your hand out in front of you as if about to shake hands. Close the hand gently...


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Straight Punch - Choku-zuki



Standing in the parallel stance, heiko dachi, (feet shoulder width apart pointing forward), pull one fist back to just above the belt beside your floating ribs, with the back of the hand facingdown to the floor...


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Middle Block In-outside - Chudan Uchi-uke


The ideal middle punch is directed to the solar plexus and the ideal chudan uchi-uke, middle block, protects this same target area...


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gedan-baraiDownward Block - Gedan-barai


One of the most sensitive and weak targets is the groin area, and perhaps the most easy to attack as well. An essential defense technique is the low parry or low block, gedan-barai...


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Pearls of Gorindo...


Pearls of Gorindo 'soundtrack' by Roxanne Standefer ©2011 Photo by Claudio Iedwab www.gorindo.com

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