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The Silk Thread of Gorindo - Ottawa - Canada

- Gorindo Meditation Technique - Part 1

- The Responsibility of Being a Martial Artist - Part 1

- Pearls of Gorindo...

Cover Photo 'In-Yo in the Snow' by ©2013 Claudio Iedwab



Gorindo Meditation Technique - Part 1


Many schools apply different direct techniques of meditation, although the purpose and result may be the same. The process described here is how we proceed in our school; we do not presume it to be the only correct way. We present it here.


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The Responsibility of Being a Martial Artist - Part 1

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In Gorindo we believe that we can train to be a better person. As a young person you are still learning many new things. When you were a child, you had to learn how to speak, eat with other people, brush your teeth, and play games with your friends. You learned to share, say thank you, and be gentle with younger people and animal pets. These traits are all part of growing up with good character.


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Pearls of Gorindo...


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