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Sports, School & the Arts

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The techniques you learn in martial arts to concentrate and stay focused can help you learn new things in other areas of your life. You can use them in your schoolwork—either learning a new subject or improving a subject you are weak in. You can use them in sports and in the arts.



Your regular school may seem quite different than your martial arts school. They are both places to learn, but they differ in size and traditions. Your experience in martial arts teaches you to respect all your teachers for the work that they do to expand your mind and guide you on your path.

If you pay attention, study hard, and apply your energy, you can do well in subjects that may have given you difficulty before. If you remember back when you began your training, things that seemed almost impossible then you can now do quite easily. The same is true of other things in your life.

Sometimes you need to look at your problem in a different way. Can you look at your problem from the other side? Turn it upside down? If you ask the right question or ask someone to help you, things can suddenly make sense. Don’t be afraid of trying new things or tackling challenges that may appear difficult.

You don’t always have to be naturally good at something if you are ready to apply yourself and practice hard.

Later in your life you use these same skills to train for jobs and careers. You may also use what you know about learning skills to teach others.



You will find that your practice of martial arts will improve your performance in sports. Many professional and Olympic-level athletes train in some form of martial arts. They know that it is excellent for balance and coordination, muscle strength, and flexibility in the joints. They also appreciate how it keeps them mentally focused on their competition. They learn skills to concentrate and stay relaxed under pressure.


Like martial artists they want to achieve excellence and create special moments.
You will learn to respect your fellow competitors and teammates for what you can learn from them and for the opportunity to participate in the same sport together. Many top competitors are good friends even though they play against each other.

Your training helps you keep in mind that how you play is more important than what you play. It allows you to mature as a competitor. Although winning is nice, it isn’t necessary for having a good time.

Depending on your attitude and your goals, it may not matter at all. Quality of play, good shots, good moves, great saves, and laughter and excitement are what we remember long after scores are forgotten.

Artistic Activities

When you train with good energy and a clear mind, you discover that you can be more creative. You have new ideas and see things in the world around you that you didn’t notice before. Part of what you learn in the martial arts is to empty your mind of clutter, like cleaning out a closet. Instead of thinking only about yourself, you want to look outside to see what is happening.

You learn new skills and use them to express your own ideas. You feel more comfortable with yourself and are not afraid to let others know what you are thinking.

It is traditional for martial artists to take an interest in artistic elements of their culture. The samurai of early Japan appreciated painting, poetry, flower arranging, and brush writing. They often practiced these arts to calm their minds before a battle and to remind themselves of the beauty and freedom they would be fighting to protect.

The arts that we enjoy today may look different and require different tools or instruments, but they create similar meanings. We want to communicate our thoughts, feelings, and ideas using pictures, words, and sounds. In martial arts we use our minds and bodies to move with strength and excellence. All artists search and work for a measure of quality in what they do. To do anything well is an art.

Like the martial arts, you need to practice basic skills in the arts. Even the most talented singers or dancers were not able to do much when they first started. Natural talent helps, but their work and dedication made it possible for them to do what they can do today. Choose the activity that best suits your character and talent. It may not be what you first try but be careful that you don’t give up too quickly. Enjoy each step and the rewards will flow, including some that you have not yet imagined.

Excerpt from the “The Peaceful Way - A Children's Guide to the Traditions of the Martial Arts" published book by Claudio Iedwab & Roxanne Standefer available at askSensei.com >>

Photos by ©2013 Claudio Iedwab




- Sports, School & the Arts

- Kihon from Kata Kiito Shodan

- Pearls of Gorindo...


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