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Gorindo Self-Defense


In most schools students learn that some of their techniques may be used in self-defense if someone does try to hurt them. If a stranger made you go somewhere you did not want to go, or someone on the street or schoolyard decided to hurt you, you might use a self-defense technique to protect yourself or stop them. Practicing self-defense means to avoid, redirect, block, or control someone’s attack to prevent them from hurting you. It does not mean to win a fight, to get back at someone, or to hurt them more than they have hurt you.

It is possible that you will sometimes have violent feelings. As a martial artist you must control them. As you train, you learn ways to stop these feelings and even avoid having them in the first place. The strongest and most expert martial artist does not want to fight and will use a self-defense technique only if a fight cannot be avoided. He knows that this kind of situation will only bring him closer to feelings that make him feel bad.

If you feel angry or upset a lot of the time, or find you can’t control your feelings no matter how hard you try, talk with a teacher or a parent. These feelings do not mean that you are a bad person or that you can’t become a martial artist. It just means that you will need more help learning to work with your feelings. In the same way that you sometimes need extra help with your math, your reading, or your basketball shot; coaches, teachers and parents can help you with your emotions.

The rules and traditions of the martial arts help martial artists keep their minds and emotions in the right place. Students remember the enjoyment they have working together with people, not against people. For example, when you are practicing with a partner, a focus glove, or a heavy bag, you would never imagine yourself hitting someone you dislike. Even if you were just pretending, this would incorrectly allow thoughts and feelings to enter your mind and spirit that should never be there.

You might be practicing or playing with your body, but you would not be training your mind or feeling your true spirit. You would not be doing martial art.

It is not always easy to be the perfect martial artist. In fact it is probably impossible. A martial artist knows, though, that her training will help her and give her tools to build her character and her integrity as an individual. By practicing the traditions and teachings of martial artists who have studied for a long time, she can become a better, healthier person.

Gorindo Self-Defense


For a young person it may be difficult to understand why people fight or how to avoid it or stop it. Most of the time you can do nothing about it and it is not your fault. As a young person you may feel weak and helpless because you lack the physical strength and power of an adult. When you find yourself in a bad situation, it is important to protect yourself both mentally and physically. Do not feel responsible for preventing or stopping the fighting or aggression of others, especially if they are adults. They are responsible for that, not you.

As a martial artist you will never use what you learn to overpower someone, make him feel bad, or hurt him. You will be responsible for yourself and your own behavior. In rare circumstances you can use what you have practiced to escape or prevent an attack on you. Discuss with your family and your teacher when this might happen to you and what you can do. Thinking about it ahead of time will help you be prepared in case something does happen, but more important, it will help you avoid it.

If someone hurts you or makes you feel bad or unhappy in some way, it is important to tell someone else. An older friend, parent, relative, teacher, or police officer will be able to help you. Even if the person who hurts you tells you to keep it secret or threatens to hurt you more, it is important to tell someone else. You cannot fight this battle alone even if you are a brave young martial artist. The more afraid you are, the more important it is to get help.


Excerpt from the “The Peaceful Way - A Children's Guide to the Traditions of the Martial Arts" published book by Claudio Iedwab & Roxanne Standefer available at askSensei.com >>

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Issue 31

- Technique: Goshinjutsu - Circle & Entering

- Self-defense

- Pearls of Gorindo...


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