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- Meditating

- Kihon - Gorindo 2nd Basic Series

- Pearls of Gorindo...

Photo cover 'Little Garden Meditation’ by ©2012 Claudio Iedwab





Roxanne Gorindo learningModern martial artists practice meditation to stay calm. They sit still before and after a practice session to quiet their mind and separate the time for training from the rest of their day. They close their eyes and breathe slowly. They think about their breathing and how they are sitting, with their backs straight and their shoulders relaxed.

There are different ways to meditate. Some people...

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Kihon - Gorindo 2nd Basic Series


Gorindo Kihon 2nd SeriesThe purpose of the Gorindo 2nd Basic Series is to acquaint the beginning student with the “pre-steps”; how to coordinate the upper body moves with the foot work, get a notion of steps backward, forward and sideways, how to look first before the execution of the technique and awareness of the 180° front space.
It is a repetitive exercise practiced on the right and left side using basic stances and blocks. It should be performed slowly at first, hands on the hip, with the emphasis on correct stances.

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Pearls of Gorindo...


Put your lifejacket or PFD on and join us for a gentle trip around the lake... Enjoy it!!!

Pearls of Gorindo

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