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'Roxanne Standefer's Gorindo Kata Geometrica’<br />©2012 Photo by Claudio Iedwab

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Issue 18

- Gorindo Kata Geometrica

- Advice about... Learning Techniques

- Twin Forearm Block - Kakiwake-uke

- Pearls of Gorindo...

Photo cover "Roxanne Standefer's Gorindo Kata Geometrica" by ©2012 Claudio Iedwab


Gorindo Kata Geometrica

Gorindo TriangleThis series of exercises should be practiced as a group. It can be thought of as a stationary kata, involving as it does a progression of movements that strengthens, stretches, and loosens almost every area of the body. From these three shapes, which operate on three planes of movement, other shapes and vectors can be drawn. Emphasis is on smooth movement, balance, and focused breathing using the abdomen. Move as if the imaginary ball you hold is a bowl filled with precious elixir and you do not want to spill a drop. Position of stances, pelvis, and head are very important. Hand movements are precise and very controlled but with shoulders, elbows, and fingers remaining relaxed....

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Advice about... Learning Techniques


LearningLearn new techniques (especially kata), only from the sensei, sempai or a designated Assistant Instructor. A fellow student may be trying to be helpful in showing  you something you missed from the last class but their grasp of the technique itself ...

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Twin Forearm Block - Kakiwake-uke


Claudio Iedwab - kakiwake-uke

Initially, cross both forearms in front of your chest, keeping elbows near the lower ribs. The back of the hands will face outside. With a circular motion, as if you are opening two shutters outward...

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Pearls of Gorindo...


Pearls of Gorindo

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