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Silk Thread of Gorindo - September 2011 What is Gorindo? How to Tie the Belt the Gorindo Way Learning Kiai Part 7

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Issue 11

- What is Gorindo

- The Learning Kiai (Part 7)

- How to Tie the Belt the Gorindo Way

- Pearls of Gorindo...

Photo cover Claudio Iedwab sensei, August 2011, by Roxanne Standefer


What is Gorindo?


Gorindo (study of five circles or spheres) is a contemporary Martial Art School, founded by Claudio A. Iedwab in 1990, integrating principles and techniques of Taekwondo, Karate-do, Savate, Ju-jutsu and Yoga with his personal research and study, developing it as a modern system with classical roots.

A primary principle of Gorindo is that learning should relate to individual capacity and skill and not be subject to competition between students or teacher and students.

The teaching method seeks to eliminate the aggression that can be generated by poor teaching or practice, making it a more accessible learning process for everyone from the beginner to advanced level. Teachers and students do not confuse training hard with aggression, they are two completely different concepts and the difference is a matter of attitude.

Claudio Iedwab mae geriGorindo methodology is rooted in Japanese tradition, with an open mind to incorporating techniques or knowledge without distinction of its precedence, with the intention of arriving at the most effective method and process.

Effective has more than one meaning in the Gorindo Martial Art. If we only speak about self-defence, effective means the maximum control of the external aggression with the minimum effort and risk. In the fitness aspect, effective means maximum performance in terms of body exercise results and excellent physical health. But in terms of development of character in all its aspects, effective means to achieve inner harmony, focus and happiness.

Gorindo has a developed method of training for each area of effectiveness depending on the individual’s condition, experience, objectives and motivations.

A Martial Art should be incorporated by a person in the same way that water adapts the form of its container, and again like water, it should help a person live, grow and lend protection and balance. We can see, for example, that only training in punching or kicking is like believing that water is just only liquid, but obviously depending on circumstances, water can also freeze or evaporate.

Gorindo has a large orchestra of body techniques: percussion strikes with fists or open hands, kicks, pushing, grabbing, throws, locks, jumps, fighting on the floor, eludes, counterattacks, displacements, application of techniques to vital points (joints, bones, muscles, blood circulation and neural systems), as well as daily tools for the achievement of personal defence. Gorindo modifies those existing techniques that can produce injuries or risk to health, and incorporates new ones according to human biomechanics and character development.

Gorindo combines stretching and relaxation exercises with vigorous strength and cardio-vascular training, advocates mental and physical fitness, not violence, and encourages on the spiritual (but not religious) side, deep meditation in harmony with the Universe, respecting the way of life in Nature.

The most advanced teaching methods of training and the best safety equipment are incorporated to avoid injuries that can occur as a result of bad training habits. Some of these habits that are left behind have a heritage that is unfortunately excused as "tradition" and maintained quite wrongly in some Martial Arts for sport, commercial promotion or political reasons.

Every student in Gorindo is encouraged to reach his/her best performance according to individual aptitude, in a progressive manner. Open mind and heart are characteristics of its living philosophy; to learn and to teach, to give and receive, to think and to do. Nevertheless there are some very important principles of the school and its respective teachings which are vigorously maintained. Respect, self-control and friendliness are essential aspects of the relationships among students and students to the school. Competition, (both in the formal tournament sense and informal one-upmanship) aggressiveness, elitism, etc., are actively discouraged.

Constant study and practice of these ideas inside and outside the dojo make life more significant to the gorindoka, renewing enthusiasm and energy for building a more peaceful, healthy and happier world. Gorindo has its own philosophy, training method and view of the role of Martial Art in daily life, a developed kata (forms), modern pedagogic methods, and in-depth study of bunkai (applications). Gorindo is an Art, because it has constant inspiration, creativity and expression. The martial in Martial Art of course, refers to Mars, mythological God of War and many things in relation with fighting have that denomination. However the Japanese term budo (martial way) has a better relationship to the true ideals of Martial Art referring as it does to a code of honor and responsibility and commitment to maintaining peace. Overall, Gorindo is a physical activity that promotes mental focus and spiritual development in relationship with our selves at the present time; without forgetting our roots and looking forward for better ways


"It is my hope that the Gorindo of tomorrow will be different than that of today, with evolutionary changes and the positive support of everyone who respects and loves Martial Art as a Way of Life".

Claudio Iedwab sensei



- What is Gorindo

- The Learning Kiai (Part 7)

- How to Tie the Belt the Gorindo Way

- Pearls of Gorindo...


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