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The Silk Thread of Gorindo - Ottawa - Canada

Issue 10

- Desiderata for the Martial Artist

- Gorindo Breathing Exercises

- The Learning Kiai (Part 6)

- Give a Little Bit

Photo cover Roxanne Standefer sensei, August 2011, by Claudio Iedwab



Desiderata for the Martial Artist


• Go calmly with an open and receptive mind, remembering that others have passed this Way before you.

• Understand and embrace the idea that you have begun Martial Art training to learn something new and interesting, and that you must give yourself, your teacher, and the discipline itself a chance to reveal the depth of the teachings.

• Balance is the key to a healthy point of view.

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Gorindo Breathing Exercises


Gorindo Breathing Exercise #3 The Archer's BowThe Archer's Bow (standing or kneeling)
Gorindo Breathing Exercise No. 3



Begin with hands and shoulders relaxed, palms up. Raise hands slowly in front as you inhale, keeping the shoulders down and letting the abdomen relax and expand. Move the head and arms to the left, describing a circle with the eyes moving with the hands, exhaling slowly and fully contracting your abdomen as you complete the drawing of the bow.

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The Learning Kiai (Part 6)


One foot in front of the other

A good teacher and an established curriculum will insure that the building blocks of accurate technique are laid out in a progressive fashion with each step within the ability of the student both physically and mentally. New challenges must be presented as part of the realm of the possible, so that the student will have a feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day.

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Give a Little Bit


Tea Cups

A student goes down the street to visit the tea master. This master welcomes students to learn the art of 'chado', the tea ceremony. This precise ritual is respected for its grace, order, and difficulty of execution. The traditional Zen tearoom is one of the only places the samurai warrior removes his sword.

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