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Issue 10

- Desiderata for the Martial Artist

- Gorindo Breathing Exercises

- The Learning Kiai (Part 6)

- Give a Little Bit

Photo cover Roxanne Standefer sensei, August 2011, by Claudio Iedwab


Gorindo Breathing Exercises


The Archer’s Bow (standing or kneeling)
Gorindo Breathing Exercise No. 3

Gorindo Breathing Exercise #3 The Archer's Bow



Begin with hands and shoulders relaxed, palms up. Raise hands slowly in front as you inhale, keeping the shoulders down and letting the abdomen relax and expand. Move the head and arms to the left, describing a circle with the eyes moving with the hands, exhaling slowly and fully contracting your abdomen as you complete the drawing of the bow.

At the release of the string, release the tension in the abdomen, relax the throat, and allow the air to refill from the bottom of your lungs as if you are the target attracting the arrow. Follow the air with the sweep of the arms back to center.

Begin to exhale again when the hands are together in front of the chest and allow your hands to return slowly to the lap. Breathe normally for a breath or two, then repeat on the other side.


The mechanics of the movement are the same but as a physical and mental exercise, the dynamic of the breathing changes.

Raise hands in front. Continue to inhale as your hands draw to the side. As the near pulling hand begins to cross the expanding (but not rising) chest, a slight pause or retention of the breath occurs without pressure. As the arrow is “released,” follow the return of the hands with an exhalation downward into the abdomen. Remember that the visualization of the inhalation and exhalation occurs not just to fill the area of vision in front of you, but describes a semicircle behind you as well. By repeating the movements on the other side of the body, you should create a mental image of concentric circles with yourself as the eye of the target.

Excerpt from “The Secret Art of Health & Fitness – Uncovered from the Martial Arts Masters” by Claudio Iedwab & Roxanne Standefer

Illustrations by Claudio Iedwab



- Desiderata for the Martial Artist

- Gorindo Breathing Exercises

- The Learning Kiai (Part 6)

- Give a Little Bit


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