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Magazine • the Silk Thread of Gorindo
Silk Thread of Gorindo - April 2011

The Silk Thread of Gorindo - Ottawa - Canada

The Simple Act of Breathing - Part 2 The Learning Kiai - Part 2 Nowhere to Run Issue VI

- The Simple Act of Breathing (Part 2)

- The Learning Kiai (Part 2)

- Nowhere to Run

- Videos

- Quotes

Photo cover Claudio Iedwab sensei, Gorindo School of Martial Art


The Simple Act of Breathing (Part 2)

What is abdominal or diaphragmatic breathing? What does it feel like and how is it obtained?

Breathing passively and quietly through the nose will usually engage only the upper area of the lung, indicated by upper chest rising and often the shoulders lifting. Many teachers describe “breathing from the diaphragm” as the physical process of letting your abdomen rise (when you are in a horizontal position) or extend, keeping the chest still. However, many beginners find this difficult to achieve as they naturally fill their upper lungs first, and then try to “stick their stomach out.” Learning to engage the diaphragm consciously is the key to diaphragmatic breathing...

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The Learning Kiai (Part 2)

Top Gorindo figure


Beginning any new activity, especially with new people, can be an exciting or even frightening experience. The martial arts, by their very nature, their history, and an occasionally distorted reputation, can be intimidating to the outsider. An important part of the Learning Kiai for the beginner is summoning the courage for the first step they take inside the dojo. This Japanese word means: “a place to study or follow the way” and it shows a measure of respect for any place where students have come to learn the martial arts. The newcomer has many questions. Depending on what has motivated them to visit a martial arts school, and the accuracy of what they know about the purpose of the arts...

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Nowhere to Run

Gorindo - magazine VI Nowhere to Run


The sensei hung an inflated ball in the corner of the dojo so that the students could practice their reflexes with a moving target. One student danced round, dodging this way and that, usually missing the ball. He did manage to hit the walls though, bouncing off and muttering, “This room is too small. We need a bigger place to train.” Hearing his complaint, the next day the sensei hung a heavy canvas bag stuffed with sand and cloth padding in another corner of the dojo, so that his students could practice hitting a target that didn’t move...

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Gorindo Videos

Gorindo Kata Kiito Shodan

Gorindo Kata Kiito Shodan (front & back) for 9th Kyu White Belt, by Claudio Iedwab

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