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    We have received requests for prints from the Pearls of Gorindo so we are beginning with a small selection of images that we enjoy and that we think work well as greeting cards or for framing and display in the home or office.

    We have chosen to present these prints as sets of limited series, printed and matted by us in order to maintain quality and consistancy. As well it is a tactile recognition that despite the sometimes overwhelming effect of digital imagery on screens everywhere, people still like to hold a card in their hand, hang an inspiring image over their desk or present a gift of a work of art to a friend.

    It has taken some experimentation with papers, inks and printers to acheive the balance and vivid rendition of the colours and detail that were part of the original vision and artwork on the digital screen. Further work on this will continue and we hope to present larger hangings and special projects in the near future.

    Look for the "Thread Mark"

    Several visits to museums such as the Freer Gallery in Washington DC have inspired us with the traditional presentation and framing of Asian prints, often in a large wall hangings with sewn silk "matting". These woven fabrics are breathtaking works of art themselves with intricate subtle designs that support and set off the painting or print that they surround. We cannot perform this time and training intensive framing ouselves of course, but we pay homage to it by presenting our prints with a unique design border we call a "thread mark" which distinguishes the prints as part of our series.

    Passe Partout and Framing

    Larger print sizes are sent out in protective mailing tubes for framing at your destination. Smaller prints are mailed with standard sized mat boards included. Cards are boxed in sets of 5.

    Custom Orders

    If you require a framed print or Card sent direct to someone as a gift, contact us directly for pricing and timelines. We can work with you to select and prepare a presentation and personalized message that will make your gift special. ...thinking Martial Arts

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